It’s essential to acknowledge the persisting lack of equality in Hollywood. This is a conversation we all want to have. Ideally, it will yield real results and contribute to measures to overcome inequality. Here are some ways, in which women in the film industry have changed Hollywood.

Massive Box Offices

Female-directed features have grossed $1.2 billion at the box office since 2017. This shows women are making movies people want to see. Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, has earned almost half a billion at the US box office, which was second only to “Beauty and the Beast.” “Wonder Woman” earned $100 million in its very first weekend, making it a record for a feature film opening directed by a woman.

All-Female Crews

Female filmmakers have vowed to change male domination behind the camera and are making efforts to hire all-female film crews. The first woman who did this was Zoe Lister-Jones (for Band Aid, her feature debut). Other women who followed in her footsteps were “Below Her Mouth” director April Mullen and Rainy Kerwin for “The Wedding Invitation.”

The Strong Female Character Has Become A Thing of the Past

There was a time when the “strong female character” was all we had. This was a character driving the story, whose perfection was impossible to attain. She was not realistic. There were no “real women” onscreen being celebrated with all their strengths and weaknesses.

In 2017, there were several female-centric stories that did away with this limitation. One of them was the coming-of-age story “Lady Bird”, which eschewed cliché in favor of a real female personality, something very untypical of a movie targeting teens.

“Before I Fall” by Russo-Young’s took a comparable approach with a sci-fi twist. The charming “Everything, Everything” introduced an adolescent girl struggling with a life-threatening illness, which trapped her in her home.

Sexual Harassment and Abuse: Changing the Game

It was the biggest story in Hollywood in 2018, indicating the coming of a dramatic change. Few could have anticipated the sheer number of allegations, and against moguls like Harvey Weinstein, former Amazon head Roy Price, reputable anchors like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose, and actors of the caliber of Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, and Richard Dreyfuss. And Donald Trump – nobody could have anticipated the “Access Hollywood” tape from all those years back.

Many of the accused were swift to fall out, but we have yet to see what the long-term effects will be. Will the public forget the scandals? In every event, it’s very good that people are sitting up and actively listening to women now. Women keep coming forward and talking about their experiences, and we hope this will continue until we see real change.