How some men do it is beyond you; they’re great at picking up hot girls, but they won’t or can’t divulge their secret. We wrote this guide to help everyone grasp the basic premises of hookups. Ideally, you will develop an approach to help you hear “yes” more often.

It all starts with broadening one’s horizons. You might think that to hook up with girls in LA, you have to head out to a pub or bar. The truth is that you must keep your eyes open everywhere. No public area is off-limits. Look on the street, in cafes, at work, at the beach, in the park, and even when you go grocery shopping. Here’s what else to keep in mind.

Look Beyond Convention

They say picking someone up in the supermarket is highly unlikely, practically impossible. Women don’t go to a place like a bank or grocery store to find love, although the Wall Street Journal will tell you there are exceptions. While parties, bars, and nightclubs are more promising venues, you should also consider cafes, outdoor markets, and other places women go when they want to relax. As they’re not on business, women at such places will probably be more receptive to meeting someone new.

The Ring Test

Even Don Juan himself did the ring test before approaching a possible partner. Before you start hitting on a girl, look at her hands. If there is a diamond ring or wedding band on either hand, don’t pursue it unless there’s serious interest on her part. On the right hand, it means she’s engaged. On the left, she’s married. 

Know What Girls are Looking For

In general, most girls are attracted to symbols of social influence. This is why guys with median incomes will often maintain a beautiful and expensive ride. A sense of humor and style will help. To emphasize your strengths, think about how you can highlight them.

Being confident is probably the most useful and most basic way to demonstrate affluence. You will show that other men do not threaten you in any way if you’re able to convincingly demonstrate an ability to act and speak with assurance. This will make you look strong.

In the dating world, confidence is everything. Once you have that down, you have only the details left to take care of. Without confidence, picking up someone will always be a struggle, and picking up someone hot – practically impossible.