Businesses in Dubai employ trans people and there is a surprisingly substantial community of trans women in the UAE city. It is necessary to be very discreet if you’re looking to hook up with a trans woman here, however. Islamic laws are restrictive. Not even free speech is permitted. As in every country, one must obey the law, and being or dating a trans person is against it.

As you embark on your search for shemale singles in Dubai, avoid bars and clubs. The Las Vegas of the Middle East may have a very exciting nightlife with an air of “anything goes”, but that’s not really the case, especially as regards the latter. There are plainclothes policemen lurking even in the most popular venues. If you are seen engaging in PDAs, especially with someone who is more obviously trans, you run the risk of getting arrested.

This has happened to trans people in Dubai at airports – celebrities at that – so what’s left for an ordinary man in a nightclub?

Your search for a trans partner should start online. What is more, safety is not the only advantage of dating sites. The people you meet will be more open and honest. You can have a private and discreet chat. As there are quite a few ladyboys in Dubai, your chances of meeting someone quickly are pretty good.

Online, you’ll meet beautiful women with real profiles who are actually looking for a relationship. Note that even the most daring of them are hesitant about making the first move. Choose dating sites wisely – not all of them are created equal and not all admins make an effort to weed out fake profiles or delete spam messages.

Another option is personal ad sites. You might want to check these out. Some people have found a match through them. Others say they are just a waste of money.

A potential downside of some sites is that they don’t cater to trans people. Check for this before you create a profile to avoid disappointment down the line.

The best sites let you browse profiles for free. Do take advantage of this feature. It will provide a wealth of information.

When you use dating sites, chat anonymously just to be extra safe. Don’t share your real name, job, where you live, or photos. It may seem dishonest, but you never know who’s intercepting the messages. Sometimes the intolerant local authorities will do this. It does happen, albeit rarely.

The Internet has the power to bring people together. Go for it – do not be ashamed of your desires.